April 20, 2022  •  Company life The Thrush flower celebration - Prolingua

"Le travail a des racines amères, mais des fruits sucrés" a French proverb


As the old saying goes, "In May, do as you please".
And why not learn or improve a language?!
And as we do our best to please you, we are offering you a 10% discount, on any registration for a group course, until May 9th 2022 included.


Voici le code: MUGUET22

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02.05 > 15.07.2022


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16.05 > 02.06.2022  |  13.06 > 01.07.2022

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Our FREE ONLINE TEST helps you determine your language level, with no obligation to enroll in a course. This test is an indication of your level in order to direct you to the course best suited to your needs. It has no official value and does not constitute a certifying exercise!

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