Offers and funding for professionals and individual customers


For professionals

As a manager, personnel manager or training manager, you represent a business and want to offer your colleagues one or more language training courses to enhance their language skills as part of their work, to make their commercial and professional discussions with your clients easier, to help with assignments or the development of your company abroad. You are a freelancer or professional and want to take lessons on one or more courses to meet the needs of your business.

Prolingua offers solutions to these professional needs, which are tailored to any initial language level and any availability.

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For individual customers

You are a private individual and wish to improve your language skills?

This is an excellent initiative, which will help your communication skills, travel and social life as well as being an asset for your career.
Prolingua offers solutions that are tailored to your level and your needs, whether in oral communication, conversation, writing etc. This site is designed to guide you to the most suitable solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us: we are here to help, guide and advise on your choices.
From a practical and financial perspective, here are a few questions/answers that might be useful.

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Evaluate your language level

What language level do you think you have?

Our FREE ONLINE TEST helps you determine your language level, with no obligation to enroll in a course. This test is an indication of your level in order to direct you to the course best suited to your needs. It has no official value and does not constitute a certifying exercise!

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