General conditions

1. Payment conditions

Invoices are due, in their entirety, on registration for individuals and within thirty days for companies. Any request concerning changes to payment should be sent in writing and any acceptance of such request will be made by Addendum.

2. Public holidays

Prolingua International Language Centre does not give language classes on Luxembourgish public or legal holidays. Any such session cannot be transferred to another day.

3. Placement test

Any new student will be required to take the placement test which can be found on our website. The result of this test will determine which MODULE the student will be registered in. However, Prolingua will reserve the right to transfer the student to a different MODULE / GROUP / LEVEL should the teacher consider it necessary

4. Final test and certification

For intensive courses, no final test will be taken- For term courses, the end-of-course test is mandatory.

With regard to term courses, students are required to pass the final test and to achieve a result of at least 65% for levels A1 and A2 and 55% for levels B1 and above. Should Prolingua consider that it is necessary for a student to repeat a MODULE, a discount of 30% will be offered on the following registration.

At the end of the course, for both term classes and intensives, the student will receive a certificate within two weeks of the final session. This certificate will only be sent if the student has attended at least 60% of the classes during the course concerned. Should this not be the case, an attendance certificate may be sent on demand.

5. Cancellations

PROLINGUA International Language Centre reserves the right to cancel a course if only one or two students have registered. Should this be the case, Prolingua will reimburse all of the training fees.

Any cancellation of this current registration must be made in writing, at least 15 days before the beginning of the training course. Prolingua will reimburse 100% of the training course minus 50€ to cover administration fees.

Should the cancellation be made between 14 and 7 days before the beginning of the course, Prolingua will reimburse 50% of the training fees minus 50€ to cover administration fees.

As of 6 days before the beginning of the course, no reimbursement will be possible.

6. Contract suspension

Prolingua International Language Centre reserves the right to remove the student from the course should the provisions of this contract not be respected.

7. Commitment

The student commits to attend courses as set out by the training calendar. Should the student interrupt the training before its end, there will be no right to any reimbursement, except in the case of long term illness of at least one month for a term course or one week for an intensive course. In such cases, and in order to receive any eventual reimbursement, Prolingua requires the student to provide a medical certificate covering the absence period.

8. Discharge

The student hereby discharges PROLINGUA International Centre of all responsibility concerning any eventual theft or loss of property on the premises.

9. Photographs

Participants on our courses are informed that they are likely to appear in photographs taken during our lessons. These are intended for publication in our written and digital media communication campaigns.

These terms are governed by Luxembourgish law and the Luxembourg courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in case of conflict or litigation.

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