Welcome to Prolingua, the only EAQUALS accredited school In Luxembourg. For both your professional and private needs, we will accompany you throughout your language training journey.

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Prolingua Language Courses


German courses

The German language, the language of "poets and thinkers" (Goethe, Schiller, Nietzsche, etc.) is an important language, which must regain its letters of nobility. German is spoken as a native language by approximately 130 million people worldwide.

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English courses

The English language is not only the language of Shakespeare but it is also the one that brings the whole world together. It is a universal language, whether in business, finance or international culture.

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Luxembourgish courses

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is distinguished by its exceptional culture and history in the center of Europe ....

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About usOur quality approach

We are committed to quality and to monitoring your learning. After analysing your needs, we offer you an individual response, taking into account your constraints and objectives, and we guide you towards the most suitable training.

Your progress is rigorously monitored throughout your training and you will receive an end of course certificate indicating your attendance and your progress. 


EAQUALS, an international association established in 1991, is made up of over 120 institutions offering language services in more than 20 countries. EAQUALS awards its quality label to institutions which meet its stringent inspection criteria. The EAQUALS Code of Ethics and its Charters define these quality criteria clearly and precisely. They provide guidance to individuals and companies in need of language services so they can choose a trusted partner.

For more information, please visit www.eaquals.org


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