French courses

Why learn French?

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is distinguished by its exceptional culture and history in the centre of Europe. The country maintains a close relationship with its French neighbours, and the French language is one of the three national languages: it is therefore an essential language in Luxembourg.

Whether it is to communicate in shops, to exchange in daily life, or simply to chat with your colleagues. Whether you are expatriates or simply passionate about the French language, training in French is an essential asset to life in Luxembourg… and a language requested by recruiters!

Prolingua teachers have a single motto: to transmit the pleasure of the language and the love of their country. Taking French lessons also means mastering the language of literature and great authors such as Molière, but also the language of love!

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French courses - Group courses

How do our lessons work?
They focus on your communication skills:

• Broaden your lexical and grammatical knowledge
• Improve your reading and listening comprehension
• Improve your oral and written expression

Term courses

If you have the time and want to follow your training twice a week, Prolingua can propose our term courses in Phygital (hybrid), organised three times a year.

22 sessions of 75 minutes
Opt for your course at noon or in the evening

Intensive course

If you want to make quicker progress, Prolingua offers intensive Phygital (hybrid) courses, four times a week, all year round.

3 weeks of lessons 
Opt for your lesson in the morning or in the evening

Conversation classes

With which objective?
To maintain contact with the language and to express yourself in a small group on current economic, social, cultural topics etc.
* 11 sessions of 75 minutes

French courses - Tailor-made courses

General language

Do you want to learn a foreign language?
Do you want to improve your level?

Professional orientation

Do you want to improve your level in the context of your everyday work life, particularly for internal communication?
To be more confident in ordinary professional contact and discussions?

Business language

Is the working language of your company not your native language?
Do your clients and colleagues not speak the same language as you?

Specialist language

Do you work in a profession that demands knowledge of specific vocabulary?
Does your professional environment require special language skills?

Specific objective

Do you have a particular objective inherent to your profession, upon which you wish to work?
A gap to fill although you have a command of the language in other respects?

French courses - Special offers

After lunch deal

Individual courses at preferential rates

French courses - Young people

Academic support

Your child is aged 13 to 17 years ?
You wish he / she learns a new language or improve academic achievement ?
Prolingua is here to help!

Why choose Prolingua?

Learning a language with Prolingua will make the difference. Our language school favours a communicative and action-oriented approach, as recommended by the CEFR. We put you in personal and professional situations with the simple objective of improving your level! Our trainers will help you to forget the context of a traditional course by focusing on direct and spontaneous exchanges between the participants of the group as much as possible.

Term courses, intensive courses, in-company training: you have the freedom to choose!


Evaluate your language level

What language level do you think you have?

Our FREE ONLINE TEST helps you determine your language level, with no obligation to enroll in a course. This test is an indication of your level in order to direct you to the course best suited to your needs. It has no official value and does not constitute a certifying exercise!

Access the test
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