February 1, 2022  •  Phygital Prolingua is launching its PHYGITAL group courses!

Come and discover our new course format which will allow you to attend your class either face-to-face or at distance, depending on your availability.
Have you got a last minute meeting or some other impediment and can't make it to Prolingua?
Connect to our platform and join the class via Zoom! Thanks to new high quality equipment in our rooms, you will be able to interact with the teacher and the students present, as if you were in the same room!
Phygital classes are a flexible and practical solution which will give you the freedom of continuous learning!


Evaluate your language level

What language level do you think you have?

Our FREE ONLINE TEST helps you determine your language level, with no obligation to enroll in a course. This test is an indication of your level in order to direct you to the course best suited to your needs. It has no official value and does not constitute a certifying exercise!

Access the test
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